Day trips in Mississippi

Mississippi day trips

Interested in taking a mini-vacation? A day trip is a great way to get out and spend some quality time with your sweetie, without spending too much money or having to take time off work. Here are our top three picks for day trips in Mississippi.


This unassuming small town is a hotbed of literary history and football. Strange mix? Not so in Oxford, where the University of Mississippi inspires many tailgate parties, and the birthplace of William Faulkner draws in lit fans from across the world.

Canoe the Mississippi River

Canoe is one of the best ways to explore any wilderness. Take a day trip on the Mississippi River, and see one of America’s national treasures from eye level.

Jim Henson Museum

Do you like Muppets? WHO DOESN’T. Visit this amazing museum to Jim Henson’s incredible talent. It will give you warm fuzzy feelings, and probably make you a bit sad that he is no longer with us. WORTH IT.

Image courtesy Flickr/Tanjeer